Chapter 126 - Cover Up

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You went out that night with Lita

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You went out that night with Lita. You could drink, you had nothing to lose anymore. Izzy was with Nikki, and it was just you and her having some fun.

"There's a pretty cute guy looking at you over there" Lita mentioned and you groaned shaking your head.

"No more men. They bring too much drama. And I don't wanna open myself up to anyone" You muttered. You looked at him anyway. He was cute, brunette, had a beard, some tattoos. He looked familiar. He looked normal. Normal was gonna have to start working for you now.

"Daniel.." He said walking towards you with a smile.
"I recognise you, you were in that band with Alice? I was one of her friends."

"Oh Daniel. You threw up in her guitar case that time?" You said with a laugh and he nodded.

"That's embarrassing." He smiled. "I've followed you for years. Not in a creepy way. I'm sorry to hear about your separation with Nikki" He mentioned and you gave him a weak smile.

"It's fine, water under the bridge" You mumbled. "How have you been?"

"Good, I'm a sound tech for festivals. The job you take when you can't join a successful band" He laughed. "I'm actually not that sorry you separated actually, Nikki always seemed to steal your spotlight."

"Well you're very honest" You smiled. "Have you met my friend Lita?"

"No, hi Lita" He said shaking her hand across the bar and she smiled at him.

You and Daniel talked all night long which was actually quite refreshing. It was nice to talk to someone who remembered you pre-Nikki. You showed him a picture of Izzy and he commented that she looked a lot like you.

"Would it be too much if I asked for your number?" He asked nervously. "It's not very often I have this kind of back and forth with someone so attractive"

"You're too kind" You laughed as you pulled out your phone. "I'm not looking to date or anything right now but, sure we can talk."

"Is that for Jani?" He asked pointing at the tattoo peeking out from under your sleeve. You pushed your sleeve up to show to a Cherry sat there with Jani's initials below.

"Yeah, he was..He was amazing" You said sadly. "I think of him everyday."

"I met him once, he was such a cool guy. Was very nice to me and my pals whilst all the other bands were treating us like shit" Daniel nodded. You handed him your phone as he typed his number in.


"I have a wine hangover" Lita moaned as she sat next to you on the sofa. You sat back holding your head as you offered her the painkillers that were sat on the side.

"Worst kind of hangover" You mumbled with your eyes closed. "How did we sleep until 3 in the afternoon?"

"Cause we are lazy shits" Lita laughed as she turned the tv on. "Erm your husband is on the TV"

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