Chapter 115 - Blame at the door.

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Nikki had left you in bed as he answered the phone

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Nikki had left you in bed as he answered the phone. You sat up as soon as he left the bed. You fumbled with your phone to see a couple of messages from Lita and Bob. You lay back down and stared at the ceiling. You wanted a drink. You felt like you should tell Nikki. But you were craving that sweet sweet haze.

You could hear a second voice downstairs and you got up, pulled on some pyjamas and walked downstairs. You saw Vince in the doorway, bitching at Nikki. He caught a glimpse of you and stormed in past Nikki and met you on the stairs.

"This is all your fucking fault" Your eyes widened as Vince grabbed you by the arm and start shaking you. You lost your grip on the bannister and fell on your ass. "You are out to ruin this fucking band you fucking whore."

You watched as Nikki pulled him off you, though you could still feel his grip on your arm. Nikki threw him outside and slammed the front door. You jumped as he banged on the door.

"This isn't fucking over Sixx. Get rid of her before she fucks over everything. I bet she fucking wanted to have sex with him. She was probably begging for it" You heard him shout through the open window.

"If you don't get the fuck off my property I'm calling the fuckin cops Vince" Nikki yelled. He looked at you guilty as you sat on the stairs. You sat there, all these thoughts running through your head. Did he think you were out to ruin the band? Did he think that you asked Jason to do that?

"Angel he's.." Nikki trailed off as you shook your head, pushing yourself off the stairs and running back to your room. You heard something smash and Nikki shout as you ran.

"Mommy?" Izzy rubbed her eyes as she came into your bedroom. "I'm scared."

"Come here bug" You patted the bed. There was nothing about this that was okay. But you had to make it seem that way for Izzy.

"Daddy hit a mirror" Izzy sniffed as she wiped her eyes.

"He probably did it by accident" You mumbled as you held her. "You wanna listen to some records honey?"

She nodded and sniffed as she got up and went to your collection. She brought back out the Girls album and you nodded. You put the record on with shaky hands and put it on a random track. Izzy climbed back into your lap as Nona filled the room.

"What's he saying?" Izzy asked as Vince's voice filled the room.

"He's saying Nona. It's the name of your great grandma. Your daddy's grandma" You explained as she sat by you.

"Is daddy mad at Vin?" Izzy asked and you shook your head.

"Daddy's just having a conversation about grown up things. Sometimes people disagree but that's just part of life" You said softly as you kissed her head. She let you rock her back and forth until the song finished.

"I want to get my tar" She said climbing off you and heading out to her room. You walked onto the landing to see Nikki sweeping up the glass below. Izzy came back out with her guitar and you looked between her and Nikki.

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