Chapter 137 - Forever and a day.

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Nikki was concerned

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Nikki was concerned. He hadn't heard from you for a couple of weeks. Every time he went to get Izzy, she would come out without you. He wouldn't let you sell the house, and he was definitely not letting you move away. He had to speak to John.

All parties finally agreed to do a tour based off the demo he had sent to the guys. Mick was going through some stuff and he was working his way through getting Vince and Tommy to talk to each other.

Nikki knocked on the door, he watched as it opened and he was greeted by the person he was looking for. John sighed as he leant against the door frame.

"She's not here Nikki and Izzy's at school" John mentioned.

"It's you I want to talk to actually" Nikki said walking in when John held the door open for him. John stood there with his arms folded, waiting for Nikki's explanation. There was no niceties here, no sitting down and talking in the kitchen. It was two alpha males staring each other down.

"I won't let you take them to New York" Nikki said bluntly. John rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Look, I don't know what kind of hold you have over my girlfriend. It blows my mind that you are here constantly and it kills me that she won't divorce you" John stated sharply. "But she can move to wherever she wants to. She can make her own decisions"

"She doesn't want to go" Nikki lied as John smirked. He watched John walk off into the kitchen, he came back out and handed him papers. Nikki looked at the printed pages with houses on, all on the outskirts of New York.

"She printed them off yesterday. She wants to make a decision tonight. It doesn't look to me like she's that unhappy to go" John said quietly. Nikki stared at the papers, you couldn't do this.

Nikki stormed out the house and got into his car, hitting the steering wheel over and over again as he yelled. He had no idea how to make you stay. He was meant to be flying to Vancouver in a few weeks and he knew deep down that you would choose that time to leave. When he was too far to do anything about it.

If you weren't home, where were you?

"What the hell am I doing?" You asked Lita as you sat in a bar. "John's offering me everything I could ever want."

"Do you love John?" Lita asked handing you a drink. You looked at her skeptically. "Tell me you love John."

"I love him" You said taking a gulp of your drink. Lita shook her head as she ordered some shots.

"No babe. You gotta be specific with me" Lita said and sighed as Always played through the jukebox. She hated seeing you like this, but she knew as well as you where you belonged. Who you belonged with.

"Lita, you know I can't say it" You sniffed as you wiped your eyes. "I can't go home tonight, I'm gonna get a hotel room. I just need to be alone and pray for a miracle."

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