Chapter 121 - The Dollhouse

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Nikki came back from court with a sigh, it was a fight

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Nikki came back from court with a sigh, it was a fight. But it seemed to be going week. Brandi was gonna have to do some time in jail anyway, and three they were gonna review the situation when she came out of jail to see if Gunner could keep staying with you both.

You jumped as Nikki put his hands on your shoulders as you listened to Eddie's album. You spun around in the chair and shook your head as he grinned at you. He lifted his shirt up, he was toning again. He had already lost a lot of the weight.

"I hate your metabolism" You mumbled as you touched his stomach. "I've got some time if you wanna help me work out."

"Oh definitely" He said pulling down his shorts.

"I meant an actual workout" You mumbled as you looked up at him. "And maybe wear some underwear now we have two children in the house."

"You're no fun" Nikki pouted as he pulled his shorts back up.


"Tommy wants to go out for a while, he says he's bored and wants a guys night at The Dollhouse" Nikki said as you sat down trying to show Gunner how to play Izzy's guitar.

"Okay you coming back tonight?" You asked as you repositioned Gunner's fingers on the fretboard.

"Of course" Nikki said bending down to kiss the top of your head. "You heard me when I said The Dollhouse right?"

"I did, I know what The Dollhouse is" You said rolling your eyes. "Do you need to borrow some ones?"

"You blow my mind" Nikki snorted. "I'm gonna have a couple of beers, nothing too hard. Maybe a couple shots."

"Just know your limit" You said staring at him as worry crossed your face. You were sure your eyes were saying I'm not doing another fucking rehab stint with you again.

"I was kidding, lighten up" Nikki chuckled as you shook your head. "I may have some beers though."

"Just go have fun, you deserve it" You said squeezing his hand as he grabbed his keys.  He kissed you once more before heading out the door.

"What's The Dollhouse?" Gunner asked.

"Maybe we should try an A chord" You said changing the topic.


Nikki sat in the dusky club with the guys, it was nice to reconnect as they sat around the table watching the girls in lingerie bring round drinks.

"You sure you don't want a shot?" Tommy said and Nikki shook his head. "I'll take two then"

"He has a wife to go home to" Vince teased and the guys laughed. "He's the only fucking married one."

"Ain't my fault you guys are falling behind" Nikki grinned as he drank his beer. He cringed at the taste, the beer he didn't miss.

"I bet she's losing her mind. What excuse did you tell her?" Vince asked and Nikki shook his head.

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