Chapter 85 - London.

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You missed travelling around, you missed playing

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You missed travelling around, you missed playing. Lita had shown you a magazine with your new albums reviews. They weren't bad at all. Izzy's new school teacher was with you and so was Amy. It was all..Good. Mostly.

Your rehearsal was interrupted by The Scorpions. Most of which you didn't have an issue with. Apart from their drummer. Unfortunately Athena couldn't make it out on the road and neither could Tommy. So he was a free man. He treated you guys like groupies. Lita for some reason could not stand up to him. But you weren't taking shit from him.

"You need to get out we wanna rehearse" James stated as he interrupted your rehearsal. The first gig was tonight and you guys hadn't had a chance to play together since the recording of the album.

"We booked it, we are in the middle of rehearsing, Wait your turn." You ordered, turning your back to him as you played your riff again. He walked round unplugging all your amps.

"I said get out" James smiled. You glared at him and walked over, he was slightly taller than you but he tried to make himself as intimidating as possible.

"Make me" You glared at him.

"C'mon guys maybe we should just go" Lita said nervously.

"Don't fucking move" You seethed. "We don't get pushed around by tiny dick assholes"

"Don't make me find Sixx" James smiled and you laughed.

"Go find him, if you think he's gonna kick us out, you're wrong" You smirked watching as he left the room.

You turned to Lita and pulled her to the side as Rach and Sheree started playing between them.

"Did he hurt you when you were together?" You asked Lita and she shook her head with a sad smile.

"He wouldn't dare" She chuckled but you didn't believe her. "He's just an asshole. C'mon let's play before he starts more shit."


The rehearsal went well, The Scorpions had gone for food and you were in Nikki's dressing room. You started stretching when you heard the door open.

"Stop staring at my ass" You groaned as you bent over.

"Why not it's a pretty fine ass" You shot up when you realised James was in the door way. You glared at him as you grabbed your water.

"Do you not knock?" You growled. "What do you want?"

"I'm here to give you a warning little girl" He scowled as he cornered you between him and the dressing table. "Fuck with my rehearsal again and it will be the last thing you do."

"You don't scare me Kottak. " You sneered up at him.  You watched him spit next to you and you cringed as he moved away, walking back out the room. You slammed the door behind him and tried to get him out your mind.

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