Chapter 42 - Critics Choice.

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"I can't believe I'm doing this" You said as you rubbed makeup onto his neck

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"I can't believe I'm doing this" You said as you rubbed makeup onto his neck. You had tried everything you could to make the marks go away.

"I can't turn up to my album release with a hickey the size of Texas on my neck" He moaned as he looked in the mirror with a sigh. "Why don't you use that stuff?"

"That's not gonna work" You sighed as you put more concealer on him. "It's your fault. I wouldn't have had some pent up sex demon in me if you had just given it to me once in a while"

"That's no way to speak about our kid" Nikki sniggered. "Oh fuck it, I've turned up looking a lot worse."

"What are we doing about this?" You asked pointing to your bump. You had started showing the last few weeks and now it seemed no matter what you wore, you couldn't hide it.

"Can we say you got fat?" Nikki asked and you hit him with you make up brush. "Why don't we just not confess anything but not deny anything"

"Hi Pamela, sorry me and your friend got divorced, by the way here's my knocked up ex wife. Guess who the daddy is" You shook your head with a chuckle. "This is a mess."

"It's not a mess, it's just a bit, crazy" Nikki said as he wrapped his arms around you in the mirror. "Pamela already knows. Tommy can't keep a secret. It's the dirty paparazzi who are gonna twist this"

"Maybe I shouldn't go. Maybe I'll call Lita and speak to Ringo all night and explain to him why he isn't here yet" You sniffed.

"I just wanted a couple more days before we bring two male dogs into the same house." Nikki explained as he rubbed his neck in the mirror. "And you're coming with me. You can't hide away for 6 months."

"Watch me" You made a face at him and he grabbed you, nuzzling against your neck. "Don't you dare"

"Come with me or I'll do it" He chuckled against you as he kissed up to your ear.

"Fine, Fine" You laughed, pushing him away gently. "You're a vampire I swear."

"Can someone say hypocrite?" He stayed pulling his jacket on as you rolled your eyes.


Beer you couldn't drink. A chocolate fountain you weren't allowed near. Coffee you couldn't have. Nikki followed your instructions and left you on your own in front of the press to not draw attention to you and him.

Pamela was oddly nice to you. She had been nice the previous times you had met her but you hadn't expected her to be so welcoming towards you. You had a really nice conversation with her, she seemed smart. You apologised for your attitude on the beach that time and she said she understood why you were pissed off.

"Holy shit" You mumbled as you turned around to see Eddie Vedder. Rach had attempted before to introduce you to him but for some reason you could not form a single sentence. You had one celebrity crush, and this was him. You stared as he pushed his brown locks to the side as he smiled in conversation.

You stared as he caught your eye and called your name. You checked behind you to see it was definitely you he was calling over. You made your way over to him with shaky hands.

"I thought it was you, I haven't seen you in years." Eddie smiled as you swallowed and just nodded. You blushed under his smile as he introduced you to Chris Cornell.

"Holy shit, you are amazing. Temple of the dog blew my mind" You said to him.

"She's sweet isn't she?" Eddie smiled and you blushed again.

"I erm..I..I"

"She's trying to say that she loves you" Nikki saved you from total embarrassment. Nikki shook Eddie and Chris' hand with a smile.

"I wondered if you'd be able to talk to me this time. Guess I'm gonna have to keep trying" Eddie laughed.

"I don't know why..this..I don't know" You fanned yourself and you blushed. "..Gonna go now"

You walked away with your head in yours hands as Nikki caught up with you. He laughed as you let him pull you to him.

"And I was worried about Jani when my biggest threat was Jam Pearl the entire time" Nikki joked as you hugged him.

"How embarrassing, I couldn't even say hello" You mumbled.

"Well that's good news for me. It means you can't say yes if he tries to steal you away. Come on I haven't seen you drink anything since we got here."

"That's because my options are water and water" You moaned as you walked to the bar with him. You suddenly smelt seafood and realised a waiter walked past you with shrimp cocktail. You felt your stomach churn as you held onto Nikki. You bolted inside the house proceeded to throw your guts up in Tommy's guest bathroom.


"At least when I throw up after drinking it was for a purpose" You complained as you pulled your clothes off and got into the shower.

"Apparently this shit happens a lot" Nikki yelled from your bedroom as you turned the shower on. You brushed your teeth as you looked down at your bump. You ran you hand across it and patted it. You heard Nikki talking and rolled your eyes.

"Can you stop calling the doctor at crazy hours!" You yelled but he ignored you. "Don't think I don't know what you're doing!"

You loved how overprotective Nikki was of this baby. He showed scan pictures to Gunner when he was round and let Gunner pick out some stuff for the baby. He was such a great dad with Gunner, you knew that your baby was gonna be no different.

You came out the bathroom in your pyjamas, drying your hair. Nikki patted the bed as you sat in between his legs as you brushed your hair. He turned on MTV and you stilled your brushing at the headline.

"Motley Flop? Can they continue without Vince Neil?"

You turned to Nikki as he stared at the TV. You turned back, listening to the horrendous reviews they were already putting out just hours after the release party. You took the remote and muted the tv as you turned around to face him.


"It's fine, we knew it was a risk" Nikki said quickly. "Fuck the critics. It's not them we give a shit about"

His exterior was defensive whilst his eyes looked hurt. He was so proud to go a different route, he didn't even want to release the album under the band name. But he had no choice.

"It's different to what people were expecting, which isn't a bad thing. People automatically dislike change. It will grow on them" You reassured squeezing his hand.

"You wouldn't tell me even if I wrote a bad song" Nikki replied with a small smile.

"Remember when you wrote sex pest on tour. I told you that was a horrible song" You smiled brushing your hair again.

"That's because you were playing hard to get"

"No it's because it was a horrible song."

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