Chapter 51 - Old Times.

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You had little experience with funerals

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You had little experience with funerals. In fact if there was one you normally didn't go.  But Nikki had asked you to go, for Vince and for Sharise. They were both grieving for Skylar. You couldn't believe how it happened, how could someone so young have this happen to them?

Nikki had cried the night she died, he cried for Vince, and cried at the thought of a father losing his daughter so early on. He held Izzy extra tight that night.

The funeral was packed full of people paying their respects. You had found Sharise and she held you tight as she thanked you for coming. Nikki held your hand tightly as he greeted people, saying they wish that they had met up under better circumstances. Nikki let go of your hand to go stand by Vince. He was red in the face, his sunglasses covering up the fact that he probably hadn't stopped crying. Nikki hugged him tightly as Tommy patted him on the back. There was never a good day to watch such sad events take place.

There was a gathering at Vince's afterwards, even Sharise came along. It was very melancholy as people chatted and paid their respects to Vince and Sharise. Nikki had been with Vince all day, watching Vince drink himself into amnesia.

It was deathly silent on the way home. There was nothing for you to talk about. Instead he just held your hand as he drove and you looked out the window. It was a really horrible day.

You had met Skylar just a handful of times. She was bubbly and sweet. Vince really adored her and her happy personality.

"It's so fucked up" Nikki murmured as he drove. You silently agreed. It was fucked up.


You had put your sadness into classical music. You wanted something inspiring for Tommy's song to Brandon. He said he wanting something really sweet.

What you liked about working with Tommy was how good he was on the piano. You had sat with him, watching him play through. You hummed the violin part you could hear in your head as you harmonised with him singing.

You recorded the melody as you hummed it against the piano. You liked watching Tommy sing, it was an emotional side to him you had never seen before. You weren't sure if it was inspired by what Vince was going through, but it was raw.

"It sounds awesome" You smiled as you patted him on the back. "Bob gave me some tips about some really good women who play violins and cellos that he uses sometimes. I'm gonna reach out to them"

"Great, I cant wait to hear it when it's finished" Tommy smiled. "Between you and me I'm glad you're doing this one."

"Me too" You smiled before heading back into the mixing room. You had managed to get the girls over, they seemed slightly intimidated by being in the house. They were very timid.

"Don't worry, the guys aren't here, they're out. It's just gonna be us." You told them as you played them the demo. "I don't know string theory but this is how I hear it in my head. I couldn't quite translate it to guitar"

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