Chapter 74 - New Jersey

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Jersey was exactly how you expected it to be

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Jersey was exactly how you expected it to be. NikKi despised every second, Jon was unbelievably welcoming and Lita was all over Richie.

"So Nikki you wanna go over that song?" Jon asked and you laughed looking at Nikki who was glaring st him.

"You're shit at keeping secrets Jovi" Nikki sighed and you looked at him surprised "you don't get to listen"

"Oh c'mon I wanna hear what the death of Motley Crue sounds like" You pleaded as he grumbled. He followed Jon into a room and closed the door on you.

"She's scary" Richie said as Izzy kicked over the toys in front of her as she growled.

"We need to keep you away from this whole family" Lita patted his arm as you came back in the room. "Richie's scared of Izzy"

"I am too" You smirked as you sat down by Izzy as she attempted to rebuild her toys "Still waiting to see if she resembles me in any form"

"Yeah I don't even think she's yours" Lita commented. "I think Nikki found a way to have a baby on his own, and this is the result: Pure hooligan"

"You can't say that about her kid" Richie hissed and you laughed.

"Oh but she is. She found a sharpie once and my record collection became worthless" You sighed sadly. "What's this song Nikki and Jon are doing?"

"I can't say Sixx would tear my balls off" Richie shook his head and you smiled.

"What makes you think I won't?" You joked but fear overtook his face.

"Really? You're scared of scrappy doo over there?" Lita judged shaking her head. "Shameful."

"You need to stop calling me that before it catches on" You suggested with a laugh. Your hotel wasn't far from where Jon lived so you headed back with Izzy so she could nap. Lita followed to keep you company, as you sat on the bed watching TV as Izzy slept in the other room.

"Have you ever done a 69?" Lita asked and you stared at her laugh. "What?"

"You horny or something?" You smirked. "And that's a dumbass question."

"I don't think Richie would be into it" Lita sighed. "I just need some decent sex. I'm dying here."

"Ask him, say hey Richie Rich, you wanna be ontop or should I?" You smirked and Lita shook her head.

"I need it dirtier " Lita commented and you cringed.

"Get outta here, trying to get off on my dirty talk" You scoffed.

"If that's dirty talk I feel sorry for Nikki" Lita chuckled. "Nikki, I want to suck your dick, but I need you lying down, no funny business. Keep your hands in the vehicle."

"Your ears would fall off if I told you my dirty talk" You responded. "Anything normal just drive you wild? Like when men wear a certain thing or do a certain thing?"

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