Chapter 12 - Clean Slate

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"HOW ABOUT YOU SUCK MY DICK YOU PIECE OF SHIT" You yelled down the phone before throwing the receiver

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"HOW ABOUT YOU SUCK MY DICK YOU PIECE OF SHIT" You yelled down the phone before throwing the receiver. You were so mad you could feel tears falling from your eyes. Your management weren't happy with you guys ditching Alice. So they cut you from the label and made her a solo artist.

"Hey babe, I found those records.." Nikki trailed off as he walked into the house. He had stopped by his own to get all the stuff he didn't want Brandi selling. You had said he could put all of his stuff in your spare room until he found a new place. He looked around the room panicked, it didn't look the same as he left it. He saw the overturned furniture and the smashed glass on the floor and he almost lost it, it had to be a break in or something.

"Babe?" He called for you as he ran up the stairs taking three at a time. He felt sick to his stomach as the destruction followed. He felt relief was over him when he heard the shower running and saw you in it.

You rubbed your eyes as you leant against the tiles, you had never felt so angry. She had taken your songs, she had taken the name of the band, she had all the rights to everything.  You jumped when you seen a figure the other side of the glass. Nikki leant against it, quietly not saying anything.

He sat down the other side of the glass as you sobbed. He didn't want to invade the safe space you had taken yourself too, but he was gonna be there regardless. You looked at the hand the other side of the glass and felt yourself cry some more. You turned the shower off and stood out. He held wrapped a towel around you and held you to him as you cried.

He didn't say anything, he just picked you up and took you into the bedroom and held you tight. He was ready to listen when you were ready to talk.

And you did rant to him over the next hour, he was pissed off. He couldn't believe that the management stabbed you in the back like that,..well he could but he didn't want to.

"What a fucking bitch" He said as he rubbed your back. "I can call my label and get you on with them"

"No point" You said sadly "I have no material. She's copyrighted all the songs. It's fucking stupid."

You watched him lean over to your nightstand and take out a notepad. He flicked through it in front of you, you watched as the writing flew by.

"You have all these great songs, just sitting there"  Nikki handed you the notepad and tapped it. "I've read them and they are all good."

"Alice didn't like them for the band" You shrugged.

"Fuck her, this is your time now babe" Nikki exclaimed as he held your shoulders "You deserve the opportunity"

After finishing your complete meltdown and speaking to Rach and Tony, you guys decided to keep going. You even spoke to your new friend Ali and she gave you so much sound advice. You were taking this as a positive.

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