Chapter 112 - Oily Toys

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Call me now

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Call me now.

I'm not dicking around here.

You groaned as you sat backstage somewhere in Arizona. You completely forgot about Bob and your deal to record Metallica. You dialled Bob as you paced the room. Nikki burst in announcing he had ice cream for you and Izzy.

"Do not tell me you forgot young lady.."

"I forgot" You admitted as Bob greeted you. "I'm on tour with Crue. But you only need me for mixing, so just email me the rough mix and the takes and I'll mix it over here."

"You have no mixing desk, you have no direction and you are surrounded by distractions" Bob stated. You felt guilty, he was like a father figure to you and you had so much on your plate it slipped your mind completely.

"I'm gonna be honest with you, Metallica are on their last legs and they are struggling to hold themselves together. They have a bassist who wants to leave, James is an alcoholic and Lars is just Lars"

"Look let me look at this tour schedule and see what I can do" You sighed as you pulled up the piece of paper. "We fly from Arizona to San Francisco is two days. Could they meet me there?"

"The home of Metallica.."Bob hummed. "I'll call for studios near the arena. I'll call you back."

You groaned as you hung up the phone. You looked at Nikki and Izzy eating ice cream on the sofa as they watched the TV.

"Check this out" Nikki called you over and turned the volume up.


"Always drama, always drama" You moaned as you sat next to Nikki. You eyed the empty ice cream pot and the one in Nikki's hand. "Are you eating my damn ice cream?"

"It was melting" Nikki argued as you tried to snatch it from him. "Talk to me about Metallica."

"Bob said they are falling apart. May be flying them to San Francisco to do some recording" You grumbled. "I hate these guys. Apart from Jason, he was a sweetheart."


"Oh great. She's back" Vince smirked as he found you backstage in Nikki's dressing room.

"Shut up you potato" You grumbled as you went over the files Bob had sent you.

"You ready to pick out some outfits for the Crue Sluts?" Vince asked Nikki. You frowned and looked at Nikki.

"Is that really what you call the backup singers?"

"It's more Vince's term for them. One of them is fucking Mick by the way. Vince is pissed cause none of them will touch him with a barge pole" Nikki grinned.

"Well at least I'm man enough to take up the opportunity for free pussy. You're no fun anymore." Vince shrugged.

"I'm helping pick out slutty outfits for the girls, I'm pretty fucking fun" Nikki snorted as he pushed his hair around in the mirror.

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