Chapter 61 - Brats.

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The reviews you had were amazing, critics and fans alike loved your new band and you were excited as ever

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The reviews you had were amazing, critics and fans alike loved your new band and you were excited as ever. Even MTV wanted to interview you again. But you were hesitant with your new fame. You still had responsibilities.

You sat on the floor in the aisle of the tour bus. Nikki sat opposite you further back as you both watched Izzy wobble towards Nikki. She stopped and crawled back to you. Nikki sighed letting his arms flop.

"She can do it, she just needs motivating" You said throwing him some chocolate. He opened it and held it out to her. She went to crawl to him and he shook his head.

"You aren't getting this until you walk to me" Nikki stated. She started crying and Nikki looked at you sadly. You frowned at him and he sighed again. He cleared his throat.

"No Isabella. You stop crying" Nikki said sternly and she stopped, looking at him shocked. You gave him a thumbs up behind her and he held out the chocolate again. Izzy looked at it skeptically before pulling herself to her feet. You had seen her take 4 steps on her own before, but this was more than that.

"Come on" Nikki whispered as he waved the chocolate in the air. You both counted the steps she took with anticipation. She rushed the last few before falling into Nikki.

"Yes!" You both exclaimed. Nikki kissed her on the cheek and handed her the chocolate.

"She is amazing" Nikki said kissing her cheek again until she yelled at him and waved him away.

"She can do everything we want her to do, she's just lazy" You mumbled. "I was the same, my mom said I needed a lot of persuading"

"So you do take after Mommy" Nikki mumbled against Izzy who yelled at him again. "She hates me now"

"Finally you get to be the strict one" You celebrated.


"Can I steal another song from you? I'm out of ideas" Nikki huffed as he threw his notebook down. You were half asleep as he shook you. It was one of the few days between shows where you were just travelling on the bus. So you decided that if Izzy could have an afternoon nap, so could you.

"If you shake me one more time I will actually commit violence" You warned with your eyes shut.

"Wow, are you sure you don't have anger issues?" He asked and you growled. You felt him come up behind you and put his arm under you.

"So the festival we are playing tomorrow has agreed to give the new band a slot" Nikki murmured and you opened your eyes and turned to him.

"I can't" You stated panicking. "That bill is packed, I can't play with all those people."

"I know what this is about" Nikki rolled his eyes. "You're afraid Eddie Vedder will be watching"

"That's exactly why!" You exaggerated as you sat up. "If I play really horribly he will never talk to me again."

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