Chapter 147 - Heroin Diaries

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"We will have broken up for the summer, please mom" Izzy begged you as you stared at Nikki

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"We will have broken up for the summer, please mom" Izzy begged you as you stared at Nikki. He had brought up the family heading out for the rest of the tour. You weren't sure, when she was a baby, it was easier for you to handle Izzy. As a nearly 13 year old, you weren't sure if it was the right place for her to be.

"Look let me talk about it more with your mom." Nikki said as Izzy stormed off. She was screaming, she was yelling, she was slamming doors, while moaning she felt like a prisoner because she never got to leave L.A. anymore.

"I can't deal with teenage girl drama anymore" You sighed rubbing your temples. These headaches were on going. Nikki said you should get them checked out, but it was just stress.

You felt sorry for Nikki and Gunner having two very hormonal women in the house. Screaming and crying over nothing. You watched as Nikki floated along the pool on his inflatable chair as he ate his watermelon with a smile. You were glad he was taking life seriously.

"Look, these tourbuses are massive. They even have a little recording room me and Tommy use." Nikki said as he looked at you.

"And where are we meant to be putting Gunner and Izzy? Cause you know they aren't gonna share" You said crossing your arms. "Izzy's going through some stuff and I don't think your band will wanna be around that."

"Gunners spending the summer with his friends, he's gonna travel around on his own" Nikki mentioned and you looked at him horrified.

"But he'll be away for his birthday. What if he gets lost?" You said and Nikki rolled his eyes, mumbling how Gunner had you wrapped around his finger.

"He's gonna be eighteen. He's an adult" Nikki said and you sniffed.

"But it's a big birthday and..I'm not ready to let him go out in the world on his own" You sniffed, wiping your eyes.

"Baby, you've cried four times today and it's not even midday. You cried when the toaster over cooked your toast. You cried at a commercial with puppies in. You cried when you tried on your bikini's and now you're crying..Again" Nikki sighed, he knew it was ridiculous, but he felt bad every time he saw you upset.

"You forgot about me crying when I listened to David Lee Roth's cover of California Girls" You mumbled. "Why's he gotta ruin such a good song?"

Nikki pushed himself to the edge of the pool and pulled himself next to you as you dipped your feet in the water.

"I'm sorry that you love the Beach Boys. I'm sorry Dave did an injustice to you. I'm sorry for everything from now until our kid is born" Nikki said stroking your legs. "Please just be happy."

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