Chapter 95- Devil like me.

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"Read this" Nikki said sliding you some lyrics

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"Read this" Nikki said sliding you some lyrics. They had got a new drummer Samantha to temporarily take over from Randy.

It had been three months.

You were still living with Lita but you were around Izzy and Nikki everyday. You had got used to it mostly. You missed him all the time. No sex, minimal affection. But it was the healing time you needed. And he respected that this time. He still got to see you, but he was proving to you that he was just fine, alone. It had taken you a while to get over the images from the video. It took a while for you to be able to act comfortable around him again.

"Hell in high heels?" You said sitting next to him. You read the lyrics and leant back against him as he put an arm around you. He was excited to make a new album.

"How are you coping?" You asked Nikki and he raised an eyebrow. "Without sex."

"When you're around it's hard" Nikki chuckled. "But alone, I'm not that horny. I jerk off, and go to bed"

"Sounds exciting" You snorted. "I brought a vibrator"

"And how's that working for you?" He smirked and you rolled your eyes. "There's a guy right here waiting for you."

"I know, I know. But I'm behaving." You said patting his cheek.

"Chicks equal trouble" Nikki reminded himself as he kissed the side of your head.

He had tried for a while to kiss you, but you refused. You couldn't just pretend. So eventually he stopped. But Nikki was Nikki. He would show you affection in any other way you would allow him to.

The guys came into the house, hollering Nikki.

"I'm in here" He called as Tommy, Mick, Vince and Sam came in. You hadn't met her yet, you knew her from Hole. You knew she was a friend of Rach's. But that's it. She seemed oddly comfortable in your house. You hugged Tommy and attempted to hug Mick but was met with an awkward half hug, as per usual. You nodded to Vince and sat back down by Nikki.

"Shall we go talk music?" Sam asked as she spun her drumstick round her finger. "Upstairs?"

"Oh you guys can have the kitchen, don't mind me" You mentioned as you moved to the living room. You turned on the tv and hugged a cushion. You weren't sure about this album. But Tommy was there for emotional and musical support.

"I don't like to have additional energy when we're writing. Let's just leave it to us and Tommy" You heard Sam demand. You rolled your eyes, Girls seemed to hate you, guys seemed to befriend you. Female musicians were mostly up their own egotistical ass.

You counted down the clock until you had to collect Izzy. Once you left and picked her up, her teacher said she was showing signs of improvement. She was polite, and she would listen when she was being reprimanded.

You took Izzy to the ice cream parlour and sat with her, listening as she babbled about her day. You sat and helped colour in a picture with her for her homework.

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