Chapter 09 - Sponsor

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You woke up to Nikki on the phone next to the hotel bed, you rubbed your eyes as you sat up

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You woke up to Nikki on the phone next to the hotel bed, you rubbed your eyes as you sat up. He looked at you and gave you a small thumbs up.

"Yeah she's here. It's great" He said on the phone, he reached for your hands as he balanced the receiver between his ear and shoulder. He kissed them both and squeezed them gently, mouthing the words 'Thank you'. You weren't sure what he was thanking you for, but you gave him a sleepy smile anyway. It wasn't unusual for you to wake up to him on the phone. It was always his sponsor, you guessed he really needed his sponsor after last nights events. You were still beyond pissed off, but right now you just needed to concentrate on your flight back.

You were sad the tour was over. But you knew that you and Nikki would be fine. He sat with you in the car to the airport, his arm was around you as he listened intently as you spoke. You loved that about him.

"I'm excited for you to see my place" He said happily. "Y'know how you have been complaining about wanting to swim, well I've got a pretty great pool"

You watched him talk about all the things he wanted to show you and all the plans he was making and you couldn't help but grin. He had an excited glint in his eye and a toothy smile on his face. You had nothing to worry about.

You were booked on two different flights, obviously the Crüe would be on a nice cosy airline. You not so much. The flights had been booked prior to the tour and you didn't wanna lose out on the money by changing. You had seen Rach briefly but she was flying elsewhere for her own little vacation, but you had not seen Alice. Which was probably best for her safety.

"Are you sure you can't fly with us? I can pull strings" Nikki pleaded as he held you close. You felt weird that were travelling without him. But you were independent.

"I can't, I can't change it" You murmured as he held you close. He sighed and kissed the top of your head as he rubbed your back.

You said your byes to the guys and even to Vince who seemed slightly shocked. You walked to your gate, dragging Nikki the whole way.
"We'll be seeing each other soon" You said trying to convince him and yourself "it won't be long"

"I'm just so accustomed to having you around now" He mumbled, he did genuinely read as sadness. You were glad he was feeling it too.

You wanted to say it again, but you felt like it was too soon. You kissed each other once more and slowly let go of his hand as you went to your gate for the last boarding.

"Best behaviour, doom and gloom" You yelled at him with a smile.

It had been four days and a whirlwind of emotions. You had spent the first two answering calls from your manager, yelling at you for not sorting your shit out with Alice. 

"If she leaves there is no band. You can kiss goodbye to the cash train you're on" He spat down the phone before hanging up.

You threw the phone aside in anger. What were you meant to do here? The band was your life, your dream. Alice didn't need to be apart of it. You thought about getting another singer or just joining another band. Lita could sing, she was a damn good singer.

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