Chapter 99 - Radio Gaga

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 You yelped as you hit the floor, waking you up

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You yelped as you hit the floor, waking you up. You winced and glared at the figure still sleeping. He had said you should try sleeping on top of him, he barely moves, what a liar. He had rolled you onto the floor and didn't bat an eyelid.

Looking at the bed, you realised there was no hope of you getting back on it. You took some blankets and headed to the living area. It was dark with just the street lights or freeway lights going past as the bus drove. You curled up on the chair and pulled the covers over you.

"I don't see why she won't just let him get a bigger bus. She's out here like a freakin' unwanted groupie whilst he's sleeping like king of the damn castle" You woke up to hushed ranting between Sheree and Lita.

"She's got a lot of pride kid. Her ex cheated on her, fucked her over, convinced her she didn't need a job, he'd support them both. He then left her high and dry, no money, no house, nothing. So she doesn't depend on a guy when it comes down to money" Lita explained as she sat down. You kept your eyes closed, you weren't ready to get up and you were interested to see how far Sheree was gonna take it.

"Looking fine Sixx" Lita grinned as Nikki came out in some shorts.

"Why is she out here?" He asked tiredly looking at you facing away from everyone with the blanket up to your neck.

"Dunno, probably bed related" Lita shrugged. "We think you should get a bigger bus."

"I want to get a bigger bus" Nikki stretched as he poured himself some coffee. "She won't let me."

"Just do it and face the consequences later." Sheree shrugged.

"First rule on rehab: Don't do that shit" Nikki chuckled. "I can't, this is one of those things she won't budge on."

"Then swap rooms with me" Lita shrugged. "Double bed."

"Nowhere to put my child" Sixx pointed out. "Maybe we can get hotels."

"No budget" Sheree shrugged. "Is this a struggle for you Nikki?"

"I was homeless on the streets of LA. A bed on a bus with my hot wife? I think I'm good" He retorted glaring at her.

"What you did yesterday was a dick move by the way" Sheree mentioned. "I know you did it on purpose."

"When a guy wants to fuck, he's gotta fuck" He grinned as he grabbed a pop tart. He walked back to the bedroom and Sheree growled.

"I hate that guy. He's such a dick. How does she put up with him? She's so nice, he's an asshole" Sheree said pulling the box of pop tarts. "He's ate them all!"


You tried to go over your budget in various ways but there was no way you could get another bus. It just wasn't possible.

"What happened to Jani? I didn't see him after the show" You mentioned to Lita as you were doing soundcheck.

"Sixx chased him away. Told him we were gonna be one place after the show and instead we left for another city." Lita chuckled. "The guy has such jealousy issues."

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