Chapter 72 - Doppleganger.

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"So it wasn't just a pregnancy thing?" Jon asked as you sobbed down the phone

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"So it wasn't just a pregnancy thing?" Jon asked as you sobbed down the phone. He had asked for your opinion on a live video he had sent you. He started playing Always and you were in pieces..Again.

"I guess not" You sniffled watching as Nikki walked into the room. He looked at the TV and rolled his eyes.

"Hey Bon Jovi, stop making my wife cry!" Nikki yelled and Jon chuckled.

"I'm not doing it on purpose" Jon muttered. "When you coming up to see me doll?"

"I'm not sure, maybe me and Nikki could come up at some point" You mentioned but Nikki shook his head, stuck his thumbs down, started making a cutting motion against his throat.

"Yeah he seems really into the idea" You chuckled. "I'll speak to him and see if he wants to. It'll be nice going to my favourite rockers hometown."


"Bruce Springsteen" You corrected with a grin. "And you Jon. It will be nice to see you and Dot again."

"She misses you too, she hates how much I get to see you" Jon mentioned "She wants to meet Nikki. She's aware he's quite a character."

"That's the term for him" You chuckled and Nikki narrowed his eyes at you. He sat next to you, pulling your legs over his as he stroked them.

"Bye Bon Mon Von Jovi" Nikki yelled down the receiver before hanging up the phone for you.

"We were in the middle of a conversation" You glared at him. "You're a brat."

"That I am" Nikki smiled "and no, I hate Jersey."

"You do not hate Jersey. You just dislike the fact that you kinda like Jon" You teased and he shook his head.

"C'mon family vacation" You cooed as you wrapped your arms around his bicep. "It could be good for your music inspiration."

"The day I get inspiration from Bon Jovi is the day Motley Crue dies"

"You are such a drama queen" You scoffed. "Now I know where Izzy gets it from. Her tantrums, her attitude, her argumentative side.."

"Don't pretend you weren't aware of this before we made the baby" Nikki stated. "I wanted to talk to you anyway, compilation album. Tommy's given it the go ahead, though he still doesn't wanna be involved"

"Okay, what songs are you putting on it?" You asked and he responded by handing you his notebook. "That's for us to figure out."

"Y'know I don't get paid for any of these decisions. I'm waiting for your Motley Crue record label to hire me" You stated handing him back his notebook. "But if you don't include You're all I need, I'll be pissed"

"It was voted as a no" Nikki said guiltily. "If you can just look at the songs we've shortlisted"

"Pfft, no way! You left off my favourite song!" 

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