Chapter 75 - Joe.

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"Really? You don't want any piece of the name?" Lita asked standing there with her guitar in the studio

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"Really? You don't want any piece of the name?" Lita asked standing there with her guitar in the studio.

"No just put it all under your name, just give me some credit" You mentioned as you played on your guitar absentmindedly.

"Okay let's do Falling in and outta love" Bob ordered as he sat and watched, making notes.

Nikki had agreed for you guys to go from Jersey to Vancouver with Jon to help you and Lita record your album. You were aware it was having an affect on him releasing his Greatest Hits album, but he didn't care and told you to stop worrying. He was there for you, his stuff could wait for once.

Jon played the keys as you started playing as Lita watched waiting for her queue. She had brought in Rach and Sheree again to help out. Lita played the rhythm as she sang.

"Falling in and outta love" You sang with Lita in the chorus.

This was a whole new way of recording. Lita wanted to do it very much like how John recorded with Motley. Adhoc, rehearsals were the recording sessions, so you could bring your best to the table every time.


Majority of the songs were written by Lita with a little help from Nikki. He had helped you write two songs or so which Lita liked.

"I think for Larger than life, it should be very punk. Shouty" Bob suggested and you nodded.

"I like the 80s vibe it has" Nikki commented. "It's very Girls Girls Girls."

"And that's great, but we aren't in the 80s anymore" Bob commented. You looked at Lita and she shrugged.

"I think we could get shouty on some parts" You shrugged. "It's very Mick inspired but I like that."

"Yeah I do too" Lita nodded. "Okay we will work with both of your opinions. I wanna talk Black."

"Let's talk Black" You said looking at the lyrics. " I have a certain drum beat in my head but I can't physically show you it. Erm.."

You picked up your guitar and mimicked how you wanted the drums to go.

"The rhythm, Ba da da da" You mentioned.

"I like that riff" Nikki said before waving at Sheree. Nikki put his fingers on the fretboard and she played. He copied what you were doing and you smirked.

"Hold out that second note, it's pretty cool" You suggested and he did so. "Get some wah on that thing."

"Do you just wanna get Nikki to play it?" Sheree huffed and you shook your head.

"His feedback is good, he knows how this works" Lita commented. Nikki pulled his hands away in surrender and sat back down.

"Were you even paying attention to what I was doing?" Nikki asked waiting for her to play it. Sheree shook her head and he snorted.

"Stop it" You warned them both. "Sheree just copy what I'm doing.."

"I have a Sabbath feel for this song" Bob mentioned as he called Rach over. "Let's piece this together. Give me your lyrics."

"Well they are Nikki's lyrics but sure" You said handing them to Bob as he reviewed them with Lita as you tried to piece a melody together.

Black, is it your medicine
Your soul, your hole or the shape you're in?
Black, is it your wedding gown
Your eyes, your lies or the truth you've found?
Black, is it beautiful?
Is it animal or criminal?
Black black black.


"1, 2, 1 2 fuck me" Lita said as you watched her record her vocals for Spidermonkey. There was no direction for this album. It was blues, it was metal, it was grunge. You didn't want a hit album, you just wanted to jam. You wanted to release an album and just tour on it. You didn't care about profit.

"What do you think so far?" You asked Nikki as you cuddled into him on the sofa.

"I can't even put you guys down as a genre." Nikki laughed. "This album is random as shit."

"You aren't wrong. But it's been a lot of fun" You chuckled. "She's such a doll for making this with me"

"Doll? You've been hanging round with Jon for too long" He said kissing you. He rested his chin on your shoulder as he looked up at you.

"You happy baby?" He murmured and you smiled.

"Much happier" You commented. "She wrote a song for you."

"Lita wrote a song for me?" Nikki asked and you nodded. "She called it Joe, but it's about you. Back way before me."

"Show me" Nikki patted your leg as you leant grabbing the masses of paper in your book. You found it and handed it to him.

Twenty-one, so young and tender but blue
I remember, I remember laughing for no reason with you, laughing
Sharing a bottle on the stairs
That led to your wooden room
Full of cigarettes and green glass bottles
Yesterday's meal by the mattress on the floor
Where we danced...
In the garden below your window
Where I first began to know
To know you

Whisper the memory but not too loud
Remember the symphony when we were allowed, to play?
Touch my hand, show me how, stroke my brow
I need to know now that I can dance with you
I wanna dance with you, I wanna dance
Like I did when I first began to know you, Joe
A now I gotta say
I think I wanna ride
I think I'm gonna fly along on your magic carpet

"Wow" Nikki grinned as he stared at the paper. "Did you know about this?"

"No, but it's pretty cool" You smiled. "I can visualise it all."

"She's a babe" Nikki smiled folding the lyrics and putting them in his pocket. "It's not weird is it?"

"A song about you two getting high? No." You shook your head as he held you close again. "Her original song that she wanted to do, that was weird."

"I'm still waiting on you to write a song about me" Nikki suggested and you sighed.

"Who says I haven't wrote one" You grinned. "We needed a sex song.."

"Show me" Nikki grinned and you shook your head.

"Top secret babe."

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