Chapter 139 - 1/1000

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"We gotta talk kiddo

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"We gotta talk kiddo.." You said sitting down at the beach with Izzy as you both ate some ice cream even though it was freezing.

"Okay Mom, hit me" Izzy said as she ate.

"Me and John aren't together anymore, that's the first thing" You explained and she looked at you sadly, leaning in and hugging you. "It's okay, it ended on good terms."

"And what's the second thing? Are you and dad getting back together?" She asked and you shook your head.

"I'm pregnant kid." You said quietly. She understood, she didn't push the topic, she didn't ask who the dad was. She just kept hugging you.

"I hope it's a little brother" She whispered and you laughed, kissing her on the head.

"Have you told dad yet?" She asked and you shook your head.

"Not yet but I will soon" You nodded.


Nikki came back from Vancouver and headed pretty much straight to yours. He knew you told him you wouldn't leave, but he had to be sure. He sighed in relief as he noticed your car in the drive. John's big jeep nowhere in sight.  He was grateful he wasn't in. It was getting harder and harder listening to John's comments.

He walked in the house and heard you in the studio with a band. He knew he shouldn't, but he wandered into your bedroom. The flight had took it out of him and he lay on the bed. He turned on the tv and got comfortable on your side. He caught the sight of the wardrobe, just your stuff hanging in there. Nikki sat up and leant to the other side of the bed, looking around for any sign of John but nothing.

Had he gone?

You finished recording with a smile. Izzy had formed her own little band and wanted to record some songs for her school. So you did and they were actually pretty good. She was getting so fast on guitar, she would overtake you soon, you knew it.

"When is everyone's moms coming to get them?" You asked as the eleven year olds ran around. You watched as they all ran downstairs when Izzy mentioned you had brought pizza. They were like an army.

You eyed your bedroom door slightly ajar. You prayed no kids had gone in there, you hadn't cleaned up. You walked in and blinked at the sight of Nikki passed out on your bed with the TV on.

"This guy is like a fucking ninja" You mumbled to yourself as you closed the door and headed downstairs. He always just appeared. Like a ghost, forever haunting you.

After a while he walked downstairs and into the living room to see a group of kids staring at him. Izzy jumped up and ran over giving him a hug.

"Everyone, this is my dad. He's in a world famous band" Izzy exclaimed as she pulled him in by his hand.

"Whoa, are you as famous as Metallica?" A kid asked and the others nodded.

"Pfft, we're better than Metallica. Go home and ask your parents about Motley Crue" He laughed as you walked in.

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