Chapter 150 - Mia.

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Lita felt like it was her responsibility to look after Nikki

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Lita felt like it was her responsibility to look after Nikki. But he wouldn't listen to her. He looked tired, he was wearing the same clothes he wore on stage three days ago. He wouldn't speak to Izzy, he wouldn't look at his newborn. He wouldn't communicate with anyone.

"Mr Sixx?" The surgeon came over but Nikki didn't even bother to look at him. "She's awake."


Lita burst into tears as she held onto Nikki.

Nikki just sat there, staring up at the surgeon.

"She's awake?" Nikki asked and the surgeon nodded.

"And complaining about Oreos." The surgeon mentioned with a chuckle and Nikki laughed.

Lita watched as Nikki kept laughing and laughing until it turned into weeping.  His body shaking as he sobbed.

He held a hand over his face as he choked. Lita rubbed his shoulder and kissed his head. She knew he was relieved, but he was in shock that you were back.

"I know it's been a whirlwind buddy, but she's awake. She's gonna be wondering where you are" Lita said softly.

Nikki took a while to pull himself together as he wiped his eyes. He leant his head back against the wall as he looked above, Lita heard him murmur a thank you before he pushed himself up and practically ran to you.

You had came around on your own. Initially you were panicking, there were people surrounding you that you had never seen before. Shining lights in your eyes, asking you your name.

"Where's Nikki? I need to see Nikki." Was all you said.

Eventually after you had calmed down, the surgeon explained to you what had happened. You couldn't believe you had been out for three days. But god you were so thankful that your baby was alive. You wanted to see her but Lita had her. Lita was taking care of your family for you, holding everyone together. You were lucky to have friends like that.

You watched as Nikki came in, it was a blur how fast came over to you and hugged you tight. You felt him kiss you all over and you laughed.

Then you smelt him.

"Jesus, that stench is enough to kill me" You coughed as he moved away.

"Fuck you" He said angrily, pointing a shaky finger at you. "Don't you ever fuckin do that to me again. You ever think about leaving me like that and I will come the fuck after you."

You smiled at his outburst, he looked tired. You could only imagine how he must be feeling. Exhausted, relieved, paranoid, panicked.

"Nikki.." You said reaching out for him. He took your hand and kissed it as you stroked his face.
"I love you."

"I love you angel. I love you so much" He gave a broken sigh as you felt his wet cheek.

"Don't cry Nikki, I'm not going anywhere" You promised. He stayed silent as he kept looking at you in disbelief that you were actually awake. "How's our baby?"

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