Chapter 08 - The Final Leg

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You were used to the hustle and bustle when you got back onto the final leg of the arena tour

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You were used to the hustle and bustle when you got back onto the final leg of the arena tour. As they were about to release their new album, a lot of the press conferences were about Crüe and the last part of the tour. It was getting on the nerves of some other bands, but they didn't care. You were happy being wherever you were on the bill. The weird part was your hotel room, it was kinda empty, kinda cold. You never spent any nights there though, you were just there to change or nap if you felt like it.

You knew about the groupies, who didn't know about the groupies. And you were fine with them, you were sure that Nikki probably didn't have time between you and gigging to fuck any other chicks unless they were willing to join him on stage. You had seen them hanging around him and his dressing room backstage, but even when he didn't see you waiting for him, you watched him reject them every time. Jealously wasn't a streak you had very much, but it certainly was something Nikki had.

He wasn't happy when the other bands would talk to you about shit or hit on you at the parties. You knew he had been fucked over a lot, but he needed to trust you. You reminded him that you were his and his alone. It was kinda fucked, but it's a process. His recovery was a process. You had tried to cut down your drinking because he was gonna try and cut himself clean from that too. You didn't wanna be drunk and annoying around him. But truth was, the bottle was a habit you were finding hard to kick. You could do it, there were just times you didn't want to.

You watched them preform situation live nearly every night, to the point where fans were now singing along to this unreleased song. You couldn't believe this was something you had created and shared with the world in your own little way.

It had been another 2 weeks and the tour was coming to an end, it was your last night. You were on the bill midday and then Motley were gonna close. You didn't mind, daytime wasn't the best atmosphere, but it was what it was.

You kissed Nikki goodbye as he lay in bed half asleep, you left him so he could sleep the rest of the day while you went to perform your earliest slot yet. You didn't feel great about the band getting pushed further down the list, but you couldn't say that the band were bringing it every night, Alice's attitude was off and she just wasn't connected on stage like everyone else, it was almost like she didn't want to be there.

After doing a couple of interviews and seeing some of the bands, you went backstage to get ready. You opened the dressing room door to see a guitar case on the sofa. You frowned, it wasn't your guitar. You walked over to the guitar and opened the note on top of it.

For being the most sane person this entire tour. And for lighting a fire under my ass. - MM

You could have cried as you opened the case, you felt some tears slide down your cheeks to be fair. You couldn't believe Mick had done this for you. You wiped your cheeks as you opened the case fully, amazed at the beautiful guitar lying there, it was the exact one from the studio.

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