Make A Wish, Master

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Make A Wish, Master

The author is VampireRoses1223

"H-Huh?!" I screamed, clutching my towel tightly. "Y-Your the man I hit with my car earlier! How did you get in here?! I thought I locked all the doors and windows!" 

The same man from earlier, with jet black hair and glowing blue eyes, simply sat in my bathtub, completely naked might I add, and smirked at me with what one might describe as a confident and smug gaze.  "You never told me what you wanted by the way." He snapped his fingers and a glass of wine suddenly appeared in his hand before I could even blink my eyes. 

 "That's because I don't want anything! Now get out of my bathtub! No scratch that, get out of my house!" I could feel my cheeks burn as I backed away slightly. But before I could turn around and run out of my bathroom, he snapped his fingers and the door slammed closed. 

 "Alright, if you aren't going to tell me what you want, then I shall tell you what I want." He stood up abruptly, and I could feel my eyes widen as I saw him in his full naked glory. 

I looked away immediately, and I could hear his velvet voice laugh airily as he stepped out of the bathtub. I closed my eyes and backed up against the closed bathroom door, and I could hear his wet footsteps getting closer and closer, and soon I heard a hot breathy whisper in my ear. "You."

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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