Crack Me Mr.CEO

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Crack Me Mr.CEO

The author is Riley-Petrova

"Well then you are mistaken, Mr.Aldsworth. I don't want you in any shape or form, and if you don't let me loose, I'm going to call for my security guard."

  To my horror he merely chuckled as he repositioned himself. Pressing himself further into me as he pins my hands above my head with one of his. My back against the cold wall. I can feel his breath on my face as he brings his closer to mine. 

  "My dear Audrey, that is where you are mistaken. You see, I bought you. At the auction. And for quite a lot, I might add."

  I grit my teeth. "I wasn't supposed to be there. You know that! It was all a mistake."

  He seems amused at my discomfort. "Many things turn out to be mistakes in life. Like those bonds you invested in last week, for example. But my buying you for a night certainly was not a mistake... and neither will this be."


  I am cut off when Brad slams his lips on mine in bruising kiss. 

  "You are mine," he whispers when he comes up for air.   

  Audrey Maeve is the eighteen year old author of the worldwide greatest selling novel. After being discovered, kicked out of her home, and thrust into the spotlight, her whole world completely flips. Now she can't even go get her mail without being swarmed by reporters. Completely on her own, she was forced to mature and deal with the stress of her new life. She now has just finished writing the sequel to her book, her book has been turned into a hollywood blockbuster, she has her own television show, and has used her millions wisely by investing in the biggest worldwide companies and stock bonds. 

  After the betrayal of her family, Audrey is determined not to let anyone else into her life.... Until Brad Adlsworth meets her.

  Attracted  to her rebellious spirit at first sight, Brad Aldsworth, CEO of the company that he founded, is determined to get Audrey. And Brad never stops at anything until he gets his way.

* Author has unfortunately deleted novel and account.

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