Could It Be You?

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Could It Be You?

The author is lightquaffle

A strange lad by the name of Collin claimed he came from 25 years into the future, and told Jessica Colvin that she will be married in a year’s time. He mentioned everything, the whys, the hows, except for the name of the groom in question. But he did leave some sort of a clue – he is someone she has already met. 

That is ridiculous, because Jessica has been single for about 5 years now ever since her ex dumped her. There is no way she will be married in a year’s time, or so she thought. It’s only when two guys – her ex-boyfriend, and her best friend suddenly all became single again, that she realized that things may just come true. 

But then, she finds herself falling for this new guy, Matt. Can they actually get together, when he's not the groom Collin described?

Who is her groom? 

Who is Collin anyway?

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