Girl of Void by lillerkat
Girl of Voidby Elizabeth Snell
After being murdered in cold blood by a mysterious young girl, the Norse God Loki sets out on a mission to gather his children and get his revenge. But little does he kn...
  • cold
  • odin
  • superpowers
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내 눈에 넌 아름답다 (Hoseok fic)  by OminouslyHandsome
내 눈에 넌 아름답다 (Hoseok fic) by OJS
Where Hoseok is extremely insecure about his looks and his face, but decides to try and get over it after having a long talk with a certain someone... - Alternate Idol l...
  • boyxboy
  • lgbt
  • ships
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future relationships by teagancovy
future relationshipsby teags
I wouldn't say that these are my 'relationship goals" It is more of what i wish to see in my future relationships Whether that's with friends or a possible 'love in...
  • romantic
  • short
  • friends
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Not Your Type by Chocolatefanatic04
Not Your Typeby Ms.ChocolateFanatic
Carly Rae Anderson is your everyday dork. She has to wear glasses, she's academically inclined and she has a major crush on the school's quarterback who also happens to...
  • teens
  • dork
  • stereotypes
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They say I'm crazy!  by RecardoFiedtkou
They say I'm crazy! by Recardo Fiedtkou
An extraordinary guy with a terrible past looks to become the next superhero and save the city he loves while getting revenge for the death of his family. Will he become...
  • dc
  • superman
  • tech
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Wandering letters by GiovanaSalas
Wandering lettersby Giovana Salas
You will find me lost in my thoughts... Secret thoughts they all inspired trapping me in a world of what ifs... Now, they are finally out But somehow they got lost. Th...
  • silence
  • tears
  • monster
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Imperfections by contrerasbetty26
Imperfectionsby Elizabeth Van Cauwenberghe
~ still on the making ~
  • fiction
  • teenager
  • lovestory
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What if I loved them by elioenaimona
What if I loved themby elioenaimona
Being queer Latina in relationship but also being curious about those who could've been. Those who you're getting to know. Those that you wish you knew. Fantasies fill t...
  • friendships
  • love
  • american
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The Real Hero Was You by BPandTH
The Real Hero Was Youby BPandTH
She is in a bad relationship, trying to make it work without either of them changing. Eventually it fails. She finds herself sitting alone heartbroken at a Café until so...
  • shortstory
  • heartbreak
  • love
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humor reading by user26816784
humor readingby memes listicles true stories videos more
  • puppet
  • pictures
  • tristetetes
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Tabula Rasa by beachfossils
Tabula Rasaby beachfossils
A collection of poetry centered around the beginning and end of a relationship.
  • life
  • poetry
  • relationships
Unknown kids ( Dylan O'Brien x reader ) by kit-kat45637
Unknown kids ( Dylan O'Brien x Stdyia, Aris, Minho love
High school best friends, when Dylan becomes famous. Leaves Y/N, and doesn't even know she's pregnant with his child or children. " So Y/N this is your station eve...
  • mazerunner
  • love
  • kids
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2,915 Miles by izzyrueda
2,915 Milesby izzyrueda
Dot's life is about to change forever
  • inlove
  • relationships
  • runaway
Collages of Life by ArunitaChandra
Collages of Lifeby Arunita Chandra
Different people and their, different aspirations, dreams, goals, decisions, relations, twist and turns and inter-relations. Life is nothing but the collection of such c...
  • complications
  • modernlifeproblems
  • turns
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Veronica High: Life Goes On by Flash_Supergirl
Veronica High: Life Goes Onby Katie James
The Gang and Kara graduated 1 month ago, they are all going to the same University. SEQUEL OF VERONICA HIGH!
  • relationships
  • drama
  • theflash
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welcome to my world by fwnyjah
welcome to my worldby ND
Everything was wrong and I had no one to talk to no one to trust no one who would still love me for me if I told them the truth.(don't worry about me I just didn't know...
  • relationships
  • andmore
  • freaks
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Demon Boy by PinkMizu
Demon Boyby PinkMizu
Strange dense feelings, dizziness, and awful migraines overcome Mei Cheng each time she approaches a certain someone. Yet, despite these strange feelings... That someone...
  • drama
  • demonboy
  • highschool
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The Fallen by Carsonn18
The Fallenby Carsonn18
A young girl decides she doesn't want to live the life that others had chosen for her, so she changes to better fit her style. Veronica enlists into the military and fin...
  • revenge
  • romance
  • action
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Coco + Honey  by wassuhdolans
Coco + Honey by FairyDolan
Interracial Dolan Twins Imagines
  • relationships
  • lovable
  • twins
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