Little Miss Beta

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Little Miss Beta

The author is Turbulent

Scarlett Brooke was rudely awakened from her daydream as a bucket filled with wolfsbane crashed down on her. Her lips trembled in pain as the demonic, cursed liquid travels around her body. 

She feels her eyes start to close automatically as her entire body starts to shake, almost like she had parkinson. Her brain went into malfunction. 

She heavily breathes through her nose, gasping for air. Her nostrils catch onto two scents. 

One belonged to the wolfsbane, the second belonged.. to.. well. 

Her mate.


Scarlett Brooke has been a rogue for as long as she remembers, meaning, her entire life. She travels alongside her family, bouncing from town to town, always fleeing from something.

On the day of her 16 birthday, they move into a peculiar town. Her family steps on the wrong wolf, and all hell brakes loose. Scar thinks she's going to perish on her 16 birthday.

And technically, she was. 

Until a very angry mate walked in.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

Being Rewritten

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