The Arrogant Professor

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The Arrogant Professor 

The author is RainyGirl_11

"Would you stop it?" I screamed at him letting my anger to consume me.

"Stop what?" He glared inching towards me, making me walk backwards trying desperately to keep distance between us.

"Stop trying to get me admit that I want you" Just as I finished my sentence, my back hit the door of his office and soon enough his solid body pressed against mine making me breathe hard.

He stared down at my eyes heatedly and with such intensity, he tacked a piece of hair behind my ear and then slinked his hand to my neck to pull it up with a little bit of force. He leaned in and started placing a trail of soft and warm kisses on my neck going up to my jaw line and then stopped when his lips reached my ear. I breathed hard, my body was going crazy and my mind went blank.

His hot breath blew into my ear sending a chill down my spine before he whispered. "I'll stop trying to get you admit it once you stop denying it."


Ever since that one day at the supermarket where a very attractive, arrogant and cocky stranger bumped into Laura Jones. Laura couldn't bear him and his cocky attitude but at the same time she couldn't help but to be attracted to him.

Things get worse when she discovers in her first day in her 4th year in college that the sexy arrogant stranger from the supermarket whom she thought she'll never see again is her NEW professor.

So what's Laura going to do? Will she try to stay away and avoid him and her attraction for him? And if she did will her arrogant professor let her?

* Author has unfortunately deleted their novel. 

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