Knights Fair Game

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Knights Fair Game

The author is angelsanddemons

Axel Knight, a man with a talent for many is Toronto's most prestigious bachelor. He thrives from the thrill of success and aims to better his assets in every waking moment. He has no time for a relationship. But what happens when a woman he so badly wants walks into his life? What happens when she wants more than he's willing to give her?

Isabel Somerville, a strong willed beauty that hates being second best. But that's all she is to Axel Knight. She can't seem to get him to open up no matter what she does. Isabel hates that she can't understand why he's so reluctant to the idea of falling in love. All she knows is that it seems to be a thing of his past that he's not willing to let go. 

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

A Millionaire Playboys Novel

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