I love you. So what?

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I love you. So what?

The author is AnaSimons

'Forgive me father for I've just sinned' ‒ is Brian Anderson's very first thought when he sees her walking up that aisle. Olivia. It's over ten years since he last saw her. Damn. She sure looks hot in that dress! And what's her story again? She has just caught her long-time boyfriend with his pants down. He bets the last thing she would want was that, to be at her cousin's wedding. His best friend.

Good that he didn't bring a date, weddings are always a good place to score. Chicks are just in the right mood for romance, they all want to love and be loved. Yes, he does do romance ‒ he's not like the other guy everyone is so crazy about right now. He loves women more than anything in the world and he has a lot of love to offer. And if they ask, he may also tie them up, no problem. He's a hopeless romantic, always falling in love ‒ usually every Friday. On rare occasions, on Wednesdays the flame may still be on.

No strings, no promises, no regrets ‒ this is his plan.

Seems quite simple, right?


Apparently someone is about to rock his entire boat...

Oh, and Brian thinks he understands women, relationships and whatnot better than anyone else. In fact he's full of theories ‒ or just full of it. We'll see.

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