Playing my Possessive bully

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Playing my Possessive bully

The author is PolinaMartinMorgan

ELLIE HART a self-proclaimed ugly nerd. She was bullied as a child by her devil neighbour Archer McCarty. She prayed everyday thanking the Lord when Archer moved away when they were in second grade. After 9 years, Archer's back. He was now hotter than hell, sexy as sin, the mean boy had turned into a pure Alpha Male, the bullying starts all over again.

WHEN ELLIE MET a man who shared mutual hatred for Archer with her, they decided to hurt him for good. Having a walking s** body, Archer was helluva damn good fighter so aiming for physical pain was useless. They decided to aim for his heart instead. Ellie doesn't know what she had gotten herself into when they volunteered her as the 'girlfriend to play him' until Archer became totally obsessed and possessive over her when the game starts. He goes all Alpha Caveman when a guy so much breaths in her direction. Then, she began to see the real Archer beneath the bad boy facade. She didn't know what was worse, falling for him even knowing it was just a game or the fact that she's not so sure now who's playing who exactly.

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