The Real Story of the Boy Next Door (Previously known as Queen of Hearts)

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The Real Story of the Boy Next Door 

The author is scripturience_

I eagerly looked around both the new neighbor mom and my mother, craning my neck a bit so that I could see if the person my height darting around was a girl my age.  I recall being almost disappointed when we both leaned the right way around our moms and caught sight of each other. Our eyes locked; mine on his black-brown ones and his on my golden hazel ones. All I could think was, "I know you."


Everyone knows how the cute, innocent girl always falls for the boy next door some way or another. There are multiple stories. But which one is how it all really went down? And which one includes the somewhat-tragic love story of the author that's writing this book through need for her own happy ending. This one. This is the real story of the boy next door.

Previously known as 'Queen of Hearts'

Author has unfortunately deleted this novel. 

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