The Truth About Love

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The Truth About Love

The author is Jaymich90

A love story between a mother and daughter.

A love story between an out of her luck twenty something woman in the eighties and a strange, but beautiful man.

A love story between a a young girl and musician who share a connection beyond their years.

A love story between past and present.

Seventeen year old Colleen is torn between following her heart and following a path that is a little more practical.

Her damaged relationship with her mother and the hopes she has of really knowing her, stand in her way.

On the verge of a drastic decision, the mother she always wanted to connect with falls ill. And in that she follows the life of the woman who gave birth to her through old journals.

She finds herself not only walking in similar shoes as her once lively mother, but taking a journey in a race against time to reconnect with the woman who she is learning to aspire to be. She eventually finds herself in a place where her mothers story may just be the answer she was looking for. And more importantly, she learns the truth about love.

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