Lifted by Gravity

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Lifted by Gravity

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"Nobody can live without love. 

Love for fashion, love for a man in a suite and more..."

... But Charlie can! 

Charlie's bitter harshness gives her everything she wants, but all of that changed when she lost everything she had. She starts to notice what everyone thinks about her and she decides to change. 

However, nobody wants to give her a second chance except for her 'best friends', her grandmother, and a scruffy-haired man named Reece who works for her grandmother that owns a clothes & shoes shop.

When Charlie falls in love with Reece, her so called "best friends" tell him everything that she has done in the past. Reece became a bit aware with who he was dealing with, and things weren't going the way Charlie had planned.

How did she deal with this?

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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