The Bad Girl Who Fell For The Good Cop

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The Bad Girl Who Fell For The Good Cop

The author is beautiful_and_damned

Have you ever wished that you could live a normal life? No? Well neither has Natalia Cherkesov, infamous only daughter of Russian Mafia head Nicolai Cherkesov.

She spent her whole life being protected from Chicago's dangerous underworld, but now she's getting one chance to become a part of it.

Her mission, you ask?

To get close to Dexter Wyatt, a new transfer to the Chicago Police Department who has been stirring up trouble for Cherkesov and his men.

Natalia creates a new identity and sets off on her mission, but what happens when she starts falling for this charismatic, genuine guy, who makes her feel like she's more than a pretty face for the first time in her life?

Will she be able to get the information she needs whilst keeping her heart intact?

And in the end, will she have to make the impossible choice between her family and the man she loves?

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