The Heir's Pretend Girlfriend

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The Heir's Pretend Girlfriend

The author is simplicity432

New mansion. New Chauffeur. New School.              

Shannon Richelieu just lived a normal teenage life with her mother at their Los Angeles apartment until her mom remarried THE Christopher Vincent, the Olympic gold medalist. So she ditches her life back at Los Angeles and tries her best to adjust to life in Beverly Hills.              

Along the way, she never thought she would score herself a boyfriend. Well, a fake boyfriend that is. Especially since the fake boyfriend is no other than THE William Prescott, the son of the most famous Prescott Industries. Other than being a complete jerkface all the time, he actually can be rather charming. But, too bad she can't fall in love with him because she's pretending to be his girlfriend to make his ex-girlfriend jealous.  

But you know what they say, “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”  -Kurt Vonnegurt

* Not Completed 

* Ongoing

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