Love Story

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Love Story

The author is SapphireSophia

“I'll always be by your side, even if no one else will.” 

He'll be the prince, and she'll be the princess. It's a love story baby, just say 'yes'.  

Meet Lily Louis Wrestly.    A sweet, polite girl - scratch that.    At twelve years old that all changed.    She took up the 'stubborn' and 'nonchalant' reputation; and being famous... well, it doesn't help.    But it doesn't mean she wasn't loveable.           Meet Pom Michaels White.    A poor, ill treated boy, with a huge temper.    Being a orphan and a loner, no one really liked him - in fact, they hated him.     But then there was this girl...  Pom and Lily meet thanks to Lily's cousin, Maxy.    

Turns out, there's always someone who loves you. Always.         

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