Rides with Ace

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Rides with Ace

The author is Ignitess_

❝Despite being a total Jerk, he made her laugh─laughter is music of the heart.❞

Mellow & Sweet, Flo was in love with her best friend, Kane Jacobs - heartthrob extraordinaire. Unfortunately, her feelings for him were reciprocated, seeing that he chased every girl that wasn't Flo.

Drowning in boredom, Flo just wanted to taste freedom or at least sip liquor. Luckily, her world spiraled downhill the moment a boy arrived at her door, wasted beyond infinity.

The drunken dude was Ace Lockwood and he was a certified badass.

Apparently, he had "accidentally" crashed his motorcycle in her mailbox, pissed on her succulent, and puked on her porch.

But after a few weeks, Flo realized that she wasn't just infatuated with his motorcycle but also the boy riding it

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