Rooming with the Bad Boy

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Rooming with the Bad Boy

The author is chocolateluvaaxo

Being accepted into one of the best private colleges in the United States on a full scholarship was supposed to be one of the best things that's ever happened to a person, right? Wrong.  Ella Parker. One of the most successful law students in the world, has been offered this opportunity. With no family, barely any income and a tragic back story, Ella decided taking this scholarship was her chance to start fresh and to try and move on with her life. Of course, she didn't expect to be sharing a dorm room with one of the most cold, arrogant, and meanest bad boy on campus. Caleb Hunter was smart, sexy, popular, and worshiped by everybody that had ever laid eyes on him. He always managed to get his way and never had to ask for something more than once. Until he met Ella Parker. When two conflicting personalities are put in the same dorm room for the next few years of their college life; how do they react towards one another? The odd pair can only have one of the two endings planned; Good, or bad.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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