Heaven Knows

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Heaven Knows

The author is BelleBurns

❝ Sometimes, life gives us a story we’ve never been told before. And sometimes, it’s a story we don’t know how to start and a story that we don’t want to end. ❞

Dominic Savio is a name you will usually find in a saint’s handbook. Overflowed with what life has to offer, he realizes that his life has always been the same old story. But as Dominic ventures out to find what’s more to see, he finds Anna. A sad piece of Heaven in a distorted earth. She carries the world on her shoulders and she lets the skies cry for her.

Deep curiosity drove Dominic into knowing Anna. He wanted to know the answers—and most of all, he wanted to know her.

But as Dominic unravels Anna, he realizes that there are some stories in life that no matter how hard you try to alter, they are bound to remain the same.

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