Miss. Manipulation

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Miss. Manipulation

The author is CXXILO

The best way to exert control over a man is to exploit their most obvious weakness, the same weakness every heterosexual male possesses, their love of the female form. No man can resist a woman's body. No man can truly deny himself the pleasure of a woman's body and scent mingled with his own. That's where women have all the power, and to waste such a precious commodity would be a waste, don't you think?

Elle Dominic revelled in this type of power. She was the type of woman everybody turned to look at when they walked into the room. Men would willingly drop to their knees for a night with her and women would watch from afar with jealously and envy laced within their gaze, silently praying they looked the way she did. Elle Dominic was well aware of her influence and she used it to her advantage. She used her appearance and seductive nature in order to take exactly what she wanted from those vulnerable enough to fall into her trap, not sparing the mess left behind a fleeting glance. What she doesn't see coming however, is a guy, a guy that will have her falling one step behind at her own game.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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