Stolen Jerseys

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Stolen Jerseys 

The author is bradmcquaid

"she stole his jersey everyday before practice."  

in which one sarcastic girl gives a too-cocky guy lessons in hockey, and things turn into so much more.

Scott Wilson is cocky - not that he shouldn't be. At only nineteen, he's one of the youngest ever hockey players to be recruited for Toronto's minor league team, Marlies. Of course, with the Maple Leafs scouting him, and everyone asking for a picture, he's nothing shy of arrogant

Elle Monroe had grown up with hockey as her world. With her dad as the hockey coach of the Marlies, she's been skating and hitting the puck since she could crawl. But when she sees Scott - aggrogant, annoying, and all-too confident in his skills - she sees it as her chance to knock him down a peg. And what better way to other her assistance; because who can deny practice from the coaches daughter, who happens to be a brilliant hockey player?

It was simple, really.

Elle helped Scott practice hockey so he would make the team, and in exchange, Elle got the satisfication of watching Scott improve - and getting to tease him a bit. They didn't get along real well, and she always had something to criticize. (Not that Scott didn't always have a comment either).

What started off as something so simple was not supposed to turn into so much more. 

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