Teach Me How to Play

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Teach Me How to Play

The author is JustCeline

Chloe Harrington had an amazing boyfriend. Had is the keyword. He was amazing until he cruelly dumped her in front of the whole school. Humilitated and heartbroken, Chloe retreats to the shadows of the school. Chloe was never the social butterfly, so when her ex-boyfriend, Landon starts spreading rumours about her, she is left to defend herself without anyone by her side. Poor Chloe is now even lower than the low and no one is there to help her pick up the shattered pieces.

WIth no one to turn to, Chloe eventually realizes that she has to fix this mess by herself. Chloe starts to build up a new self, and she only has one purpose, REVENGE!

Chloe seeks the biggest player in the school, Archer Lovalo to teach her how to be a player like him. Archer agrees, as long as she makes a promise to him as well. Chloe, now armed with charm, grace, and a wicked plan in mind sets out to destroy hearts, with Landon as the top of her hit list.

While learning from Archer, Chloe realizes that not only does Archer have great looks, but also awesome ears. Not only does Archer turn into an unlikely friend, but he turns into her ONLY friend. Will Chloe stop breaking hearts now that she finally got a person in her life that cares? Or will she continue her playing ways?

There can only be one player in this game. The other one has to be the one played. Who will be the player and who will be the one played?

Author has unfortunately deleted the novel. 

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