Addicted To You.

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Addicted To You.

The author is _wild_youth_

"we all get addicted to something that takes the pain away."

I am addicted to you.


He knows everything about her, right from her favorite books to her favorite clothes.

She knows everything about him, right from his favorite songs to his favorite video games.

He will be there for her, even at three in the morning.

She will do his homework, even if he's smart enough.

He has her picture on his phone as a background.

She has his number on speedial.

They talk to each other all the time.

They talk about each other when they dont talk to each other.

They discuss everything from periods to playstation.

They have made stupid things together and handled the consequences...together.

They cant live without each other.

Yet they are 'JUST FRIENDS' because they are afraid to love one another.

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