A Pair of Problems

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A Pair of Problems

The author is Tulsi107

"What did you write on it?" Eric asks me slyly as I finish writing my desire onto the balloon, as the carnival tradition says.

I look up to meet his eyes before shrugging nervously. I did write something about him, but he didn't need to know. "Hm, nothing," I reply nonchalantly.

"Show me," he urges and pulls the balloon towards him. I shake my head furiously, "No! Eric! Wait!"

I quickly pull the balloon from his grasp as he tries to read the writing. As soon as I grab the balloon, I release the helium balloon into the air.

"What did you write on it?"

"Nothing," I dismiss him nervously as he approaches me slowly. A strand of his golden hair shadowing over his eye, he looks determined and possessive. I gulp nervously as his face is a few inches apart from mine.

"I'd like to know," he says with a small smirk.

"You can't," I say in daze. His soft breath is fanning my face so intimately, I lose my senses. His hands reach out to caress the length of my arm. Ever so slowly, his fingers trail up and down making my heart beat to haywire. His touch sends sparks all around my body.

"Why is that?" He says, barely in a whisper.

"Because," I say, "because what I want, is someone I know I can never get."


Twins. Home-schooled. From Hawaii. Moving to New York City. Never been exposed to city life. Says a lot, doesn't it?

Megan and Blair, the two best-friend twins, are moving to New York City to their close friend's house until they can find a suitable home nearby. And adjusting will be tough! With their parent's close friends having two sons - Brandon Waters, a five-year-old cutie pie, and Eric Waters, a drop-dead gorgeous boy - staying with them will get a little more complicated. Especially after Megan and Blair both fall together for the one and only... Eric Waters.

A story told by Megan and Blair. But the question is, how will this turn out?

Cover by: @Suganthii

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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