Discovering Aurora

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Discovering Aurora

The author is PipSqueeks88

I didn't know when everything shifted. It wasn't earth shattering. No, nothing as dramatic as that. It was more of a natural adaptation. A change, while different, not sensational. To the world that is. But internally, the shift was unexpected. It was breathtaking and frightening, a bundle of emotions rolled up into one, messy mish mash. But most of all, this change was exhilarating and inspiring. And it should be, for you only have one first love.


Join Rory in this relatable coming-of-age tale, where one discovers his or her own strength in times of tribulation, passions, and the knowledge that the journey is what you make of it. Complete with friends that you'll be sure to love, drama that will have your heart twisting and stomach dropping, and joy that'll have you applauding.

Author has unfortunately pulled the novel from Wattpad. 

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