City Girl

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City Girl

The author is sarcasmismybae

Cadence's Motto of Life: Don't Expect the Unexpected.

Cadence is not much of a peoples pleaser or a highly interactive social magnet. She's just Cadence: The One With The Many Flaws. Confident? Not Really. A hella social life? Nope. Tons and tons of work? That's more like it. So when forced to pack minimal luggage (and somehow her entire room) and lug her butt over to a small unknown town in Maine, she isn't thrilled. Oh, not at all.

Now she has to start all over. With something that never even existed.

And then the unexpected DOES happen, with a surprisingly large group of three friends and a very well-aimed dodge ball player. With everything going askew with her life, Cadence has to do something she's never done before: go with the flow.

No one ever told her that moving would come with so much drama.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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