Slowly, But Shirley

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Slowly, But Shirley

The author is ChasingInfinity1

❝Why do you love gymnastics?" he asked me, his blue eyes peering intently into mine.

My face immediately lit up with a smile. "Well, gymnastics is so different from other sports. It requires passion, energy, skill, grace, agility...I could go on forever. You need to learn the basic back handsprings and the flips and bring them to life when you step out on the floor. And nothing, absolutely nothing, can compare with the feeling of flying through the air, executing impossible flips, and flawlessly landing on your feet at the end." I paused my speech, watching him absorb my words. "What about you, what made you love gymnastics?"

His pensive expression dissolved as the corners of his mouth tilted upwards into a trademark smirk. "I like watching girls in leotards.❞


Shirley Mariana Jensen was a world-class gymnast, determined to rise to the top and defeat any obstacles in her way. Well, she was, until her complicated life circumstances got in the way and she was forced to quit. And now, four years later, she is given an opportunity to attend one of America's premier gymnastics summer camps for the best gymnasts in the nation. Cue a summer filled with unimaginable drama and action, both in and out of the gym. And of course, all at the hands of the undeniably attractive Logan Campbell.

Maybe Shirley just needed a reminder to play her sport and to not let her sport play her.

* Not Completed

* Ongoing

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