Ditching Greek

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Ditching Greek

The author is romanceisntdead

❝Clyde Remington. Even his name sounded like trouble, the kind of trouble your mother warned you about and your friends fell madly, insanely, stupidly in love with. Clyde was the hurricane I didn't have any sirens for. Nothing could warn me off a guy like him.❞ .... Lane Thornhill wanted a typical year at her university, complete with frat parties, study sessions, and late-night video chats with her long distance boyfriend, Colum Willis. Even with all of this set straight in her mind, nothing in Lane's life would've ever prepared her for Clyde Remington. Just a couple weeks before the fall semester, Lane's best friends bring her to a secret rooftop hockey match against two rivaling fraternities, one of which includes a guy who catches her eye. When she meets an attractive, mysterious boy who happens to be a right-wing hockey player for a fraternity rumored to be affiliated with very bizarre things, Lane disregards this and decides to keep him close anyway. There's something that draws him to her, but she's not quite sure what exactly it is about him that's so alluring. 

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