Waters of Oblivion

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Waters of Oblivion 

The author is rskovach

One woman. Two men. And five centuries keeping them apart. 

When Georgetown graduate student Reine Baldwin meets a charming journalist during a freak Washington, DC blizzard, she has no idea her carefully crafted life is about to fall apart. But a break-in to her office, a flood in her classroom, and the discovery of a lost portrait soon lead the art historian back to where everything started hundreds of years earlier. 

Returning to Venice on the eve of Carnevale makes Reine face a past she's inexplicably forgotten, including a man who - just like her - should be long dead. Suddenly, the young woman has the chance to trade her quirky sock collection, musty libraries, and an ordinary life with any mortal she’d surely outlive for the man who’s apparently loved her for half a millennium. The choice should be easy, until Reine starts to remember things others wish to remain buried. 

With her life on the line, Reine must determine who she can trust and who's just been using her as a pawn in their self-serving plans from the very beginning. And while she doesn't mind dying, the last thing Reine wants to do again is forget. 

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