Beautiful Ruins

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Beautiful Ruins

The author is Grey_Storm117

"You don't want me to change? Like at all?"

I looked at her like she was crazy. She doesn't want me to stop smoking, stop snapping, stop being rude, stop being selfish? How can she not? Even I hated myself sometimes.

I saw her staring at me with surprise.

"Daniel. Of course I don't want you to change. Just like you can't have me any other way, neither will I."

And I knew from this moment on....I love her.


Ace Adams moves to her grandma's town with her twin brother and parents. One thing you wanna know about Ace is that she is the most stubborn person ever as well the least forgiving. It frustrate people as well as scare them. Lets just say she's the new kinda good girl. New school, new people, new boyfriend? Nah Ace also doesn't do boyfriends. She is way too boyish for that. But then came Daniel Andrew. He is the typical bad boy of the school who just finds trouble. He is quite and hardly ever talks to anyone except his best friends but when he meets Ace he is a goner. He wants to stay away from her but he found her in the most unexpected of places. Add some fights, joke, love and a little bit of drama and you get the complete story of Ace and Daniel.

* Not Completed 


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