Want a Kiss I'll Give You a Punch

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Want a Kiss I'll Give You a Punch

The author is FlaminUnicornOfDeath

What happens when the famous Hollywood celebrity, Mike Nor, comes across the short tempered Ashlyn Demoir? Not smiles and sunshine, that's for sure.

These two are worse than Coke and Mentos put together. Yet, Mike is willing to go to the extremes to get her, so she could fall head over heels for him, but for the sake of preserving his reputation and monstrous ego.

Why do they even bother to stick around each other? That's for you to find out. How did they get here?

Get caught up in a unique blend of murders, blackmail, scandals with a drop of humor, and a little fun, and you'll find yourself tangled with them in 'Want a Kiss I'll Give You a Punch'.

Cover By:  @cockyy-

* Not Completed

* Ongoing 

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